DTF TRANSFERS - Direct To Film

What is DTF Transfers?

Now, we get into DTF otherwise known as direct-to-film. Printing direct-to-film transfers involves first printing onto a PET film with a DTF printer. Then, the decorator applies the transfer to a product like a cap, bag, sports jersey, or t-shirt. The transfer is applied with the combination of an adhesive powder and heat.

TravelNShoppe offers DTF transfers as one of its services. Here are a few key benefits:

It’s durable. We can print onto polyester, cotton, cotton/poly blends, even triblends, and guess what? They’ve all held up to wash tests! 

Less printer head clogs. DTF inks are runnier than and we have fewer problems with head clogs.

More product offerings. DTF transfers work with cotton, 100% polyester, and cotton/poly blends, so they’re a versatile transfer for apparel. But they’re also an excellent option for dozens of other products like textured crowlers, water bottles, and hats.

No pretreatment. Unlike DTG, you don’t need to pretreat garments for DTF transfers.

No color restrictions. DTF transfers work well with both light and dark-colored garments, making them perfect for sportswear and athleisure. 

Need help with your DTF Transfers? Or maybe you are looking for a white label tshirt service to help with your brand – look no further! Here at TravelNShoppe.com we can help with quality DTF transfers.

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