What is heat transfer vinyl?

Heat Transfer is a fairly simple process. First, chose a graphic you would like on your shirt. Lets say you want a photo of a dog chasing a cat – the image is then edited and touched-up by our graphic designer with color correction to make sure it will look perfect on your custom t-shirt. Then, using high-quality printers, the imaged is placed onto professional heat transfer paper. Please note that this is one of the big differences between heat transfer vinyl and an iron-on. Iron-On uses lower grade paper that needs lower heat for the transfer to work. High-quality heat transfer paper needs special machinery with higher temperatures for heat transfer vinyl to effectively work.

Heat Transfers are great for applying full images that a DTG or Screen Printer might have trouble with.

FUN FACT: Iron-On heat transfers are often low quality, peel and wash away after a few too many wears, however,  professional Heat Transfers by TravelNShoppe can last as long as the shirt they’re printed on.

If interested in printing with Heat Transfer Vinyl, look no further than TravelNShoppe.com. Although it’s not the most popular method for t-shirt printing (a lot of the time DTG Printing can do a much better job than Heat Transfer), we are still happy to offer it to you. 

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